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Potential new clients of Fluid Prepress will be offered a free trial to promote the quality of the Fluid brand and service. Terms & Conditions Apply.
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Colour Management

Through our partnership with Radiance Digital, Fluid are now able to provide a full colour management consultancy service. We are offering everything from a simple monitor calibration to a full site colour audit. For more information please call:

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Fluid DPS Ltd.

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Welcome to a more Fluid world...

Fluid bridges the gaps in the digital supply chain with a one-stop solution offering drum scanning, creative retouching, image manipulation, contract proofing and press ad delivery services.

Reliable file exchange and optimum colour control at each and every stage of the print production process...

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Fluid have been providing professional prepress services for above the line and below the line print media since 2004. We believe that guarding your brand is important and by maintaining a high level of quality control and colour consistency in our work we keep our customers coming back. We have been involved at every level in the advert production process from high resolution scanning and advert creation or resizing to digital contract proofing and press ad delivery using systems like Quickcut or Vio. When press deadlines are tight or when production quality issues are critical, advertisers have relied on our range of advertising prepress services to ensure we fulfill all their campaign requirements.
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Photographic Equipment

Professional image manipulation, and high end retouching are just two of the services we offer that have helped photographers get the most from their images. Our creative retouching artists know the importance of interpreting a brief accurately and we take great pride in this understanding. Photographic manipulation and professional retouching techniques have helped to achieve superb award-winning results. Clients can make huge cost savings by colour retouching product ranges therefore removing the need for reshoots of sets with different colourways. Our colour proofing services and professional drum scanning have also reassured photographers that the integrity of their work will be maintained to the highest level.
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CreativeColoured Pencils

An advert has to get attention, it has to be read, it has to Influence behaviour and change. We understand that creative agencies, brand managers, and illustrators need to maintain this ethos at every stage of a project. Creative retouching, laser drum scanning and high end image manipulation are a small part of what we can offer to enhance any project. Fluid continues to develop new techniques which in turn helps us maintain a level of support and quality that gives you the edge in this very competitive market. We are a digital reprographics company who will add weight to your campaign with our years of expertise, even if the project is a simple mono press advert delivery.
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Printing Ink and Pantone Book

Our internal colour management systems and pdf optimisation workflows have been tried and tested over the 6 years that we have been in operation. Printers across the UK have worked in liason with us to ensure a reliability & consistency with all file types and print delivery systems. Our digital prepress services which operate to iso standards incorporating fogra certified proofing and preflight systems can offer fast and cost effective delivery to print no matter what the job. From single page pdf file corrections to multipage catalogue and brochure layouts, the Fluid reliability and quality of service remains the same.
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