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A fully equipped, UK based, production facility specialising in the management, creation, proofing, and supply of press-ready advertising copy to publications... worldwide!



Send us a PDF that conforms to PDFx/1a and colour managed to ISO 39L:

  • Colour space conversion to any destination spec
  • Preflight the file to ensure PDFx/1a conformity
  • File returned to you by eMail within 1 hour.

From £15 per PDF.


If you're either not too sure or you'd like a little help to make your file conform to PDFx/1a:

  • Analysis and repair of your PDF
  • Colour space conversion to any destination spec.
  • Preflight the file to ensure PDFx/1a conformity
  • PDF and Flightcheck report returned to you by eMail within 2 hours.

From £30 per PDF.


Or if you prefer a more "hands on" approach by an experienced prepress professional:

  • Full audit of your supplied PDF or artwork
  • Copy amends and image retouching as required
  • PDF generation, conversion, and flightcheck
  • Copy delivery, tracking, and confirmation

Prices start at £40.

Contract Proofing

A contract proof is a way of ensuring that your final artwork will reproduce on the printed page, exactly the way you intend.

With the latest GMG driven Epson proofing devices, we can accurately simulate all the modern offset and gravure printing conditions (including newsprint) demanded by all the major publishers and commercial printers in Europe.

From a quarter page advert in national press to a multi-page gravure printed brochure, we can produce colour-accurate contract proofs to the required standard, thereby eliminating any unexpected results on press.

Each Fogra certified proof we produce is analysed and validated to ensure accuracy to the required printing standard.


Contract Proofing from £12.50

About Us

Fluid have been providing professional prepress services for above and below the line print media since 2004. 

We believe that guarding your brand is important and by maintaining a cost-effective, high level of quality control and colour consistency, we give our customers the confidence that their work is in good hands.

Our services cover every aspect of the prepress and associated creative processes; including page layout, retouching and image manipulation, proofing and advert delivery to any publication.



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Unit 12, National Trading Estate
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Cheshire, SK7 5AA

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